All of us need some sort of inspiration to keep us shining throughout the day and reach our goals. While we may not be always able to glean wisdom from our own real-life experiences all the time, thankfully for us, Netflix has tons of documentaries and shows that can give you a dose of much-needed happiness and inspiration to carry on with our lives.

Here are ten such documentaries (in no particular order except alphabetical) that are sure to uplift your mood and leave you a little contented than before.

1. Daughters of Destiny

This documentary follows five Indian girls from poor families as they leave their homes for a better chance at life in a boarding school, which promises to uplift their current situation. After watching this poignant, short show, you’ll understand the true value of education and how it can change the lives of whole families for the better.

2. Footprints: The Path of Your Life

This is another adventure documentary that follows ten men on a 500-mile, 40-day hike that tests not only their stamina and power but also their determination and faith. A lot of films in this genre cover these ideals, but something in this one makes it stand out from the rest.

3. Given

(Image Credits: Netflix)

Six-year-old Given has extraordinary parents for whom adventure and surfing are more than leisure activities. As the family leaves their native Hawaii and travels to 15 different countries in pursuit of fulfilling their calling, this documentary follows them through Given’s young eyes, tainted by nothing but his guileless worldview.

4. InnSaei

A subtle portrait of a sublime idea, this film documents experts’ views of the concept of InnSaei which originated in Iceland. In an era where distractions and stress are aplenty, this idea may just what the world needs in order to listen to one’s own intuition and put oneself in others’ shoes to empathize with them.

5. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

It takes a lot of maturity to be at the top of the game in one’s chosen profession, and still exercise humility and strive for perfection. Jiro Ono is one such sushi master owning one of the world’s best sushi restaurants (no kidding, the restaurant holds two Michelin stars). Even with his advanced age, one can clearly see his dedication to his calling that many of us are apprehensive to put into what we care for. Jiro’s middle-aged son is also prominently featured in this documentary, whose apprenticeship and impending responsibility form facets to the story.

6. Living on One Dollar

Imagine having to live in an impoverished state in a third world country, with just one dollar to spend per day. This might sound like a nightmare for many, but that’s what four youngsters in this documentary do. Their struggles against hunger, diseases and poor living conditions for two months in rural Guatemala is what forms the heart of this story. Indeed, poverty can teach lessons that no amount of money can.

7. Maidentrip

This is the story of the extraordinary grit and determination of a sailor on a journey. Sounds meh? Wait. The sailor in question is a fourteen-year-old girl named Laura Dekker, and she undertook nothing short of a two-year solo journey around the world, becoming the youngest person to do so. If you need an inspiration boost, this is the documentary to watch. After all, what were you and I, doing at fourteen?

8. Ram Dass, Going Home

A short oasis of serenity, this documentary captures the musings of Ram Dass, a researcher, spiritual speaker and author who is nearing the end of his life. As he goes on about life, death and everything in between, prepare to settle in for thirty minutes of a poetic profoundness that sets in around you.

9. Tales by Light

(Image Credits: IMDb)

A picture can speak a lot more than anything else. This docu-series follows renowned photographers as they travel around the world to capture festivals, wild animals, adventurers and tribes in never-seen-before light, giving unique, inspiring glimpses of the world around us.

10. The Bad Kids

What makes someone truly ‘bad’? This documentary is set in an alternative school meant for children who are at high risk of dropping out before they graduate, for various reasons. As Principal Vonda Viland tackles the everyday happenings that take place in the school, this film is sure to alter your view of ‘bad kids’ as well as give you a few tips on education, if you are involved in the sector.

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Note: Some of these documentaries may not be available on Netflix right now.