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What is CodeCrunch TechSchool?

CodeCrunch TechSchool is a full time, in-person immersive training program for people who want to work in industry/startups. The program has been designed by industry leading experts to ensure that you graduate with both the depth and breadth of knowledge you’ll need to make meaningful contributions on your first day at a high-growth startup. Once you select your vertical focus you will work with a large group of world-class mentors and a small group of inspiring peers to learn new skills.

Bridging the gap between industry and academia

Who can Join?

Gain Industry Knowledge, You Won't Learn Anywhere Else.


The theory takes a new shape! Today every employer increasingly want to see experience in the new college grads they hire. Develop, execute and rise high by utilizing all the learnings you've got along with our 'Live Project Training' and mentorship for every line of code you write, giving yourself a successful place in the IT industry. All of these, as per your curriculum convenience. So grab this opportunity to stand at par from your peers and make way for a great career ahead!


Looking for a handsomely paying job? You've got our address right! It's rightly said "First LEARN and then REMOVE 'L' ". Most high-paying jobs require a lot of skills and expertise that you've got from your acedamic experiences and if you master that, every door is open for you. So get yourself in the league of having one, by enrolling in our TechSchool program and getting trained from the fine-tuned team of experts today!


It's as important to maintain and upgrade yourself to retain your position in any startup/company as it is to get there. Come, pitch in here for the effective refining of your skills and upgrading it to the next level. This will not only result in your growth, but company's growth too, making it, a win-win for both!

Why CodeCrunch Techlabs?

We believe in overall growth, only technical skills isn't sufficient enough to make you stand out from rest of the crowd.

Learn from industry experts

Learn and work on Live Projects

Resume / Cover Letter Review

LinkedIn Profile Review

Professional communication

How to crack interview

Business email writing

CodeCrunch Techlabs Certification

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Courses for all stages, with equal focus on theory and implementation