The fact that today in the world of more than 7 billion people and 4.77 billion mobile phone users, it is almost impossible to predict the customer behavior. Though, many individuals and startups/companies have said that they have cracked the ‘chunks’ of this mystery. Odds shows that it took only 8 seconds for a user to judge your app/website who land on your page to leave a good impression. With this tactics, startups/companies spend thousands of dollars so that traffic on their website/app remains constant or increases.
But, it’s not about just an install!
Even after that “How to maintain/engage the customers on your platform?” is what early stage startups/companies fail to do. Resulting in “uninstall” application.


Always. Any early stage startup/company reportedly said that they want to become either Google/Microsoft of their domain. No offense but they have had experience prior and a lot of case studies before jumping to any product launch.

Over a period of time what I realized is that there are various techniques/methods these big companies have always used. Not so common but what most of us fail to notice. Apart from “XYZ product leaked” or “coming soon” there are other ways one can use so that
You get most downloads and post that keep your audience engaged in your business.

Here are few lesser known yet powerful “first impression” strategies startups can use.
So, unless you are Google or Microsoft…

  1. Gran Bienvenido!
    Have you seen those world class airlines/hotel ads. If so, you have got it right.
    Before your customers use your service, you need to create Wow! A moment for your customers. It becomes extremely important in the case of product launch. Remember that you and your team have worked for long hours, skipping less prior entertainment plans and holidays, just to be on the top of the table. It is equally important for a product to add values to the day-to-day life of customers than just providing superfast service.
    Show them the bigger picture of your service or how many people are actually (not the number of downloads) using the service and beneficial. Images/video can be of great use.

    Airbnb, one of the best example I can think of.

Orelse it will not take even a minute for a user to put your app in “trash box” and never come back!

  1.  Since they are already there…
    There are a number of platforms which uses chatbots to interact with their users. More than a human behavior keeps your users updated about your product. You can let them know various features in there, as a personal message, when they sign up. So, your users feel to be like getting personal attention, resulting in retention of using your service or spreading the word about you!
  2. Log out-Log in…
    Once a user starts using your platform, your sole goal has to keep them active.
    Be creative. Be different.
    That is what happens when you “log out” from the facebook. You want to check what’s happening around, right?
    Studies show that users tend to use the same applications even when they are useful for just one purpose. Classified. It is ok if you don’t have thousands of users in first 1-2 months. Your users will always come to you if you will not tap them with unnecessary pop-ups.
    Never interrupt your user.

Understand the difference between pop-ups and personal messages!

  1. Likewise
    You should be no different than your users.
    It is the same as when you start your own startup/company and everyone takes a role of everything to be done, contributing. I have read in some good articles that conversion rates tend to increase twice when the cross-channel approach is chosen, and that’s true. Overlook for the data you get from your website/app so that you can make further marketing strategies accordingly. Don’t shoot blindly. Assumptions increase the risk capital of your business. You would not like if I as a company/product ask you for the permission for like say maps when you want to use contacts.