Top 10 Inspiring Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

All of us need some sort of inspiration to keep us shining throughout the day and reach our goals. While we may not be always able to glean wisdom from our own real-life experiences all the time, thankfully for us,… Continue Reading →

Top 7 Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks

So, you made your decision to go with the hybrid application for your product or organization!! Well, there are significant advantages when using the hybrid mobile app development approach over the native apps. Developers can breathe some air since they… Continue Reading →

Agile Vs Scrum: Key Differences Explained

So, you would have read our previous article on the Agile methodology (if you haven’t, do check it out) and are maybe looking forward to implementing it in your team as well. If you remember rightly, we mentioned some sub-models… Continue Reading →

Agile Methodology: A Complete Guide

Well, for most of us, starting a task is the easier part; finishing isn’t. Organizations face this problem too, for what are they other than groups of humans like us (machines are taking over, indeed, but we’ll not consider that… Continue Reading →

Top 13 Benefits of Choosing Laravel Framework for Web Development

Laravel has become the buzzword of the web dev community of late. Widely regarded as the best PHP framework yet, the pros of Laravel are numerous. From making tedious tasks simple to providing easy tutorials for Laravel, there are a… Continue Reading →

Hybrid vs Native Mobile Applications: Which one should you choose?

If you’re the one who wants to develop a mobile application for your business but doesn’t know where to start and what type of application is best suited for your requirements, you’ve encountered the perfect place. Whether you should adopt… Continue Reading →

Why is Laravel the Best PHP Framework and should be the First Choice for your Business?

A lot of PHP developers nowadays are shifting from other frameworks to Laravel, or so do various sources would have us believe. The trend looks very real: Google and GitHub stats prove so. Laravel ranks high above any of its… Continue Reading →

10 Tips For a Non-Technical Founder to Build a Successful Tech Company

With building startups being the latest trend in the employment scenario, more and more creative ideas are taking tangible shape in the form of products and services offered by companies run by highly motivated entrepreneurs. A huge proportion of such… Continue Reading →

How to Decide: In-house Software Team or Outsourcing Web Development to a Software Agency

The question of whether a company needs to outsource their tech team or just incur the cost of maintaining an in-house one has been haunting everyone for a long time. The answer is still unclear to date with both options… Continue Reading →

Benefits of using Internet of Things and 10 Real World Applications of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most consistent buzzwords of the past decade or so. While the concept behind it, in itself, is very simple, the technology has taken a firm root in the tech world… Continue Reading →

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