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7 Software Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Once upon a time, when personal computing was the latest tech fad and the world wide web was no more than a military technology cordoned off from the public, trends in the world of computer science were often slow to… Continue Reading →

7 Tips on Choosing the Right Technical Partner for Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become an integral part of the workings of any startup in recent times. Be it social media marketing, content development, web dev or UI design, tons of outsourcing agencies are out there to help you get done whatever… Continue Reading →

Should a Tech Startup Outsource their Product Development?

So you’ve acted upon your brilliant spark of an idea, found like-minded people and worked hard enough to build the startup of your dreams. Your team is now working on a great project smoothly while you abruptly hit a block:… Continue Reading →

Do You Really Need a Computer Science Degree to Excel in the Tech World?

Computers, frankly put, are everywhere in today’s world. Each and every single industry, product and service have been enhanced and given an enormous makeover by the software domain, morphing human existence in a way that was never imaginable before. While… Continue Reading →

What is the Internet of Things(IoT) and how does it work?

Unless you have been living under a rock in the middle of a desert for the past decade, chances are that you have heard, at least remotely, of the Internet of Things. The technology holds immense promise for the future… Continue Reading →

Getting started with Android Studio

This blog post walks you through installing Android Studio on a Windows or a Mac machine. Before directly jumping on to the installation instructions, let’s see what you’ll need to install Android Studio on your machine. Prerequisites and Requirements You… Continue Reading →

Say Hello to Google Allo!

Today google launches it’s most awaited messaging app Google Allo like most of the time, we expected a silent rollout and again google didn’t disappoint us. With strong control over play services in android devices, the rollout was silent yet buzzing…. Continue Reading →

Amazing Growth Hack Tricks to Retain App Users

Introduction The fact that today in the world of more than 7 billion people and 4.77 billion mobile phone users, it is almost impossible to predict the customer behavior. Though, many individuals and startups/companies have said that they have cracked… Continue Reading →

Is HTTP Bleeding to death ? Chrome Helps Killing it.

Google recently announced that from January 2017 onwards chrome browser will start warning users about websites using insecure HTTP connections to transmit passwords and credit card data as insecure, as part of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP sites… Continue Reading →

Page speed and it’s impact on SEO – and how to improve it

Gone are the days of SEO dependent on meta tags, meta description, spamming of keywords and irrelevant back-links. With expansion of internet and introduction of smart crawl algorithms, our old known internet is no more the same.It has evolved and… Continue Reading →

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