Author Jinesh Soni

Say Hello to Google Allo !!

Today google launches it’s most awaited messaging app Google Allo like most of the time, we expected a silent rollout and again google didn’t disappoint us. With strong control over play services in android devices, the rollout was silent yet buzzing…. Continue Reading →

Custom error handling in Android

Exception handling is one of the most crucial part of any program and android is no different story.When any error or exception occurs, developers need to know Type of exception is it run-time or compile time or logical exception. Line… Continue Reading →

Diegesis of Firebase – where does it fits for you ?

For many of us, mobile became a day-to-day life aspect, so natural that sometimes it’s easy to forget how it actually works. So let’s do a quick recap. Nowadays, mobile doesn’t exist without a backend. That’s pretty much a fact…. Continue Reading →

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